Fabry Disease: The Role of the Genetic Counselor in an Ever-Changing Landscape

You must have a NSGC license to participate. Approved for GENETIC COUNSELORS only. Fabry disease is the second most common lysosomal storage disorder, affecting the cells of multiple organ systems. With a high variability in disease manifestations, the disease can differ from one individual to another, making diagnosis and management a challenge. Growing evidence suggests that initiating certa...
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Let's Talk, Period! Is it von Willebrand Disease (vWD)?

Von Willebrand disease, the most common inherited bleeding disorder worldwide and a cause of heavy menstrual bleeding in adolescent girls and women, is widely underrecognized. The underdetection of vWD is a missed opportunity to decrease the risk of obstetric/gynecologic symptoms such as spontaneous abortion, ovarian cysts, postpartum hemorrhage, and a diminished QoL. This educational activity i...
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The Role of the Genetic Counselor in Pompe Disease

Participants must have an NSGC license to participate. An important part of coordinated care for Pompe disease patients, whether diagnosed through NBS, clinical diagnosis, or prenatal diagnosis, is genetic counseling. Genetic counselors help families better understand Pompe disease, including medical recommendations and treatment options, and provide available resources so families with the affe...
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