The mission of continuing education at Evolve Medical Education LLC (Evolve) is to develop educational programs in a variety of learning formats. These programs are based on the outcomes of needs assessments, current trends, clinical data, and the latest technology that impacts health care practitioners, which will lead to the development of strategies to enhance clinician knowledge, competence, close professional practice gaps, improve provider performance in patient care, implement practice-based learning and improvement, professionalism, and systems-based practice.
The strengths of our organization include:
CME/CE activities that focus on current topics that affect patient care, and activities that are known for excellent and reputable speakers.
A distinguished reputation in the physician community.
Alliances with organizations focusing on evidence- based medical care.
Strong relationships with key content experts/opinion leaders who help us identify the educational gaps and underlying educational needs of our physician base.
An outcomes review process in which we monitor the effectiveness of our CME/CE activities by communicating with attendees several months after the CME/CE activities to determine if changes have been made in their practice because of the CME/CE activity.
Long-standing and extensive experience with multiple types of certified CME/CE activities.
Evolve Medical Education LLC is privileged to work with leaders in the field to educate practitioners via enduring activities, local, regional and national symposia, and electronic deliveries. Our subject matter experts, expert writers and the team of professionals are all in close contact with content experts in staying abreast of current and emerging therapeutic options in the following therapeutic areas:
Women’s Health

Glaucoma Treatments in 2021: Personalizing Patient Needs

This continuing medical education (CE/CME) activity captures content from a roundtable in August. Activity Description Based on a roundtable held in August, this supplement summarizes a discussion of the mechanisms of actions and challenges with currently available and novel therapeutics as well as how to personalize glaucoma treatments. Target Audience This certified CME/CE activity is ...
Evolve Medical Education LLC

Individualizing Glaucoma Treatment: Understanding How to Utilize Traditional and Novel Agents

Join Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD, and Justin Schweitzer, OD, FAAO, as they discuss the ways in which novel therapeutics may help to overcome the challenges and limitations associated with currently available pharmacologic treatment options for ocular hypertension and primary open-angle glaucoma.
Evolve Medical Education LLC

Neurotrophic Keratitis: Old Problem, New Solutions

Eye care providers may not understand what neurotrophic keratitis is or how it differs from other corneal diseases. In addition; eye care practitioners may be unaware of treatments in development, or the already approved treatments for neurotrophic keratitis. They also may not understand the mechanism of action of these newer treatments.
Evolve Medical Education LLC

Putting Patients First: Best Practices for Neurotrophic Keratitis Diagnosis and Treatment

This previously recorded satellite symposium features an engaging presentation on the potential causes of neurotrophic keratitis, how to differentiate it from similar diseases, and when referrals may be necessary. Treatment options will also be discussed, including the mechanisms of action of newer therapies and when they should be introduced. Case discussions and audience question-and-answer...
Evolve Medical Education LLC

Recognition and Referral: Best Practices for Managing Patients with GA

Patients with advanced dry age-related macular degeneration can present with geographic atrophy (GA), a disease that is progressive and increases with age. Although there is no treatment approved by the FDA that halts or reverses GA, a number of drugs in the pipeline are designed to address GA progression, hoping to succeed where previous drug candidates failed. This series of regional, interact...
Evolve Medical Education LLC

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