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340B Drug Pricing Discount Program | An Overview

This 7-minute (non-accredited) activity provides an overview of the 340B Drug Pricing Discount Program. It is a ten minute, need-to-know overview of this topic for pharmacy students, tech students, and professionals to gain a working knowledge of 340B - who developed the program, which health systems qualify for the program, and how it impacts patients.
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Cardinal Health: The Innovative Delivery Solutions Group | An Overview

This 15-minute (non-accredited / free) activity provides an overview of the various products, services, and career opportunities available with Cardinal Health Innovative Delivery Solutions. The cactivity contains information on pharmacy management, remote order entry, and telepharmacy. As well as insights right from the Talent Acquisition Manager at Cardinal Health IDS.
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Spanish for Pharmacists

A comprehensive course for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to learn basic Spanish language skills to improve their patient counseling and communication skills in a pharmacy. Spanish for Pharmacists provides education on pharmacy "one-liners", tips to communicate with Spanish speaking patients, alphabet, punctuation, general vocabulary, numbers, colors, and more!
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The Pharmacy Experience | A Comprehensive Overview of the Pharmacy Market

A ten-hour, 68 module course (non-accredited) serving as an introduction to the pharmacy market and perfect for pharmacy students, pharmacy tech students, professionals new to the pharmacy market, and practitioners. The Pharmacy Experience course explores critical need-to-know subjects, practice settings, roles in a pharmacy, services, and pharmacy technology.
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