Add orthodontic skills to your practice with the most comprehensive orthodontic training series in the industry. Our seminar series is filled with premium instruction, hands-on training, and unbeatable technological and personal support.

Our two formats--live and internet assisted--allow all dentists to obtain quality orthodontic education, even those with busy lifestyles and individual learning styles. Our traditional live series contains 12, 4-day seminars (a total of 48 days). Our Internet Assisted Training (IAT) allows you to take less time from your practice with 300 hours of internet study with 10 days of live hands-on instruction in your choice of California, Beijing, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Israel, or Nepal.

All students receive our orthodontic software, IPSoft ™, to assist dentists in creating optimal treatment plans with over 150 treatment templates, digital cephalometric tracing, visual treatment options and more.

Over the past 25 years Progressive Orthodontics has established itself as the world's #1 orthodontic training program. Browse our topics on the left for detailed information on our comprehensive orthodontic program and why we're #1!

Learning with Progressive Orthodontics is more than just learning orthodontics. Our approach gives you a complete experience unmatched elsewhere...because we care about you.

Free Intro to Orthodontics: New York - March 26

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN Basics of orthodontic diagnosis Ortho principles that will help any dental practice How to select the best treatment option How to use diagnosis software to optimize results How to increase your practice revenue with orthodontics Case selection (all ages, extraction and non-extraction)
Progressive Orthodontics Seminars and Dentistry

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