AIMED: The Creativity and Madness Conferences, Women of Resilience, The American Institute for Medical Education, was founded in 1982 to provide the best quality and most interesting continuing education possible to physicians, social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists and others interested in the psychology of artists and the creative process.

We have held over 100 conferences throughout the world. Our conferences have been held in Santa Fe, San Francisco, New York, Hawaii, all of the major cities in Europe, as well as in South America, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Bali, and China. We currently plan 4 conferences a year. We are accredited to provide continuing education to M.D.'s, Ph.D.'s, Social Workers, MFT's, and others.

Creativity and Madness - Psychological Studies of Art and Artists

Join us for our 30th year in Santa Fe as we explore case studies to illustrate how creativity can transform physical, psychological, emotional dis-ease. These relate to our patients, clients as well as personally to the health care practitioner. The conference takes place in Santa Fe, allowing for personal time, rejuvenation and rest. Give yourself the gift of time in this beautiful setting.
Creativity and Madness / AMED

Creativity and Madness Goes Down Under

Creativity and Madness goes to New Zealand and Australia - Earn continuing education while visiting this beautiful part of our world. Beginning in Queenstown, New Zealand, we visit fjords, a sheep shearing ranch and more. The group flies to Sydney for 4 nights in this diverse and culturally rich city. Flying to Ayers Rock, this iconic monolith in the middle of the country, we take time to see h...
Creativity and Madness / AMED

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