We hope you'll think of Virginia Mason as a trusted partner in your continuing education and professional growth. A variety of educational courses and lectures are available to our professional colleagues. This section will direct you to information on Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) programs available to you at Virginia Mason.

The Virginia Mason Continuing Medical Education Department strives to improve patient care through quality CME courses and lectures.

VirginiaMason Medical Center's Continuing Nursing Education provides educational activities for registered nurses (RNs) and other interested health-care professionals to enhance knowledge, increase skills and promote positive patient care outcomes.

11th Annual Topics in Primary Care

The 11th Annual Topics in Primary Care will focus on updates on common problems encountered in primary care practice, bringing excellent instructors to provide teaching in a variety of formats geared toward learning and retention. Morning sessions consist of lectures with discussion panels on topics including antibiotic updates, treatment of opioid use disorder with buprenorphine, colorectal ...
Virginia Mason

Finding Safety in Places of Moral Hazards

Healthcare promotes safety and healing yet remains ripe with places of moral hazard. From medical decisions to workplace violence, this course will offer practical information for clinicians and allied health professionals. What happens when a patient falls below an acceptable threshold of capabilities due to progressive diseases like dementia? What if a person is too young to have developed the...
Virginia Mason

It Takes a Village: Addressing social determinants of health

Social determinants of health are non-medical factors — such as safe and affordable housing, access to healthy food and income inequality — that can significantly impact an individual’s overall health, well-being and medical outcomes. Designed for a wide range of clinicians, this course aims to increase knowledge and skill in recognizing social determinant of health issues and, where poss...
Virginia Mason

Spinal Deformity 2019: Reality versus the Ivory Tower

While complications may be the norm for caring for spine deformity patients, this forum will allow for lively interaction and debate between clinicians to challenge the status quo. The course will feature nationally renowned leaders in the care of spine deformities from multidisciplinary perspectives. It will introduce methods for differentiating between various syndromes associated with spine d...
Virginia Mason

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