We hope you'll think of Virginia Mason as a trusted partner in your continuing education and professional growth. A variety of educational courses and lectures are available to our professional colleagues. This section will direct you to information on Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) programs available to you at Virginia Mason.

The Virginia Mason Continuing Medical Education Department strives to improve patient care through quality CME courses and lectures.

VirginiaMason Medical Center's Continuing Nursing Education provides educational activities for registered nurses (RNs) and other interested health-care professionals to enhance knowledge, increase skills and promote positive patient care outcomes.

10th Topics in Primary Care

This course will focus on updates on common problems encountered in primary care practice. Morning sessions will consist of lectures with discussion panels on topics including diabetes management, hip osteoarthritis, breast imaging, dementia and evidence-based laboratory testing. Afternoon workshops provide opportunities for hands-on practice of knee and shoulder exams and case-based interactiv...
Virginia Mason

Bariatric University – Multidisciplinary Management of Patients Seeking Better Health through Weight Loss

Obesity is now the leading cause of preventable morbidity and mortality in the USA, as measured in Quality-Adjusted Life-Years Lost. Thousands of patients present every day with obesity plus a weight-related disease that worsens with weight gain and improves with weight loss. Recent advances in strategies for management of obesity — including surgical, medical, endoscopic/procedural, and couns...
Virginia Mason

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