Cannabis (Marijuana) for Medical Use

Reviews the medicinal use of cannabis, introduces the endocannabinoid system, addresses myths, outlines therapeutic indications, and spells out dosages and routes of administration. This course addresses public policy and legal issues as use of medicinal cannabis becomes legal in a growing number of states throughout the United States. Course Objectives *Summarize the myths and truths about cannabis as a medication. *Identify phytocannabinoids, and contrast Marinol with cannabis occurri...
ATrain Education Inc.

PS 103: Human Factors and Safety

This course is an introduction to the field of human factors: how to incorporate knowledge of human behavior in the design of safe systems. You’ll explore case studies to analyze the human factors issues involved in health care situations. And you’ll learn how to use human factors principles to design safer systems of care — including the most effective strategies to prevent errors and mitigate their effects. Finally, you’ll learn how technology can reduce errors — even as, in some c...
Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Adult Ventilation Management

Adult Ventilation Management is an online continuing education course designed for nurses who need training in mechanical ventilation for patients who are unable to breathe adequately on his or her own.

Why Nurses and Case Managers Need to Know About Customer Service

Why Nurses and Case Managers Need to Know Customer Service is an online course intended to teach healthcare professionals the importance of customer service. It focuses on the dos and don'ts when dealing with patients and family members to make sure their medical experience is a good one.

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