School Administrator Training (on CORE ELMS / RXpreceptor software) for Internship, Externship, and Experiential Education Departments of Participating Colleges and Universities

In depth, hands on training of all aspects and modules found within the RXpreceptor ELMS (Experiential Learning Management System) software. After completion of this training, school administrator will be able to fully set up and utilize the school’s RXpreceptor account, as well as train students and preceptors on account utilization. Covered topics include: * **Initial Account Setup** * System Configuration * System Flags and Options * Program Customization * Branding Incorporati...
CORE ELMS - Experiential Learning Management System (ELMS)

Kentucky: Domestic Violence

This course meets the domestic violence continuing education requirement for healthcare providers in the state of Kentucky. The scope of domestic violence includes violence against women, children, and elders. This course describes best practices for screening, assessment, and documenting signs of violence when seen in the healthcare setting. Outlines Kentucky reporting requirements and discusses state programs to reduce incidence. When you finish this course, you will be able to: *De...
ATrain Education Inc.

New York: Child Abuse and Maltreatment/Neglect for Mandated Reporters

This course is approved by the New York State Department of Education and meets the continuing education requirement for coursework in Child Abuse and Maltreatment for New York healthcare professionals. Defines child abuse, maltreatment, and neglect, plus mandated reporters and requirements for reporting as defined by New York State. Presents indicators of possible mistreatment, including both physical and behavioral signs. When you finish this course, you will be able to: *Explain ...
ATrain Education Inc.

Cannabis (Marijuana) for Medical Use

Reviews the medicinal use of cannabis, introduces the endocannabinoid system, addresses myths, outlines therapeutic indications, and spells out dosages and routes of administration. This course addresses public policy and legal issues as use of medicinal cannabis becomes legal in a growing number of states throughout the United States. Course Objectives *Summarize the myths and truths about cannabis as a medication. *Identify phytocannabinoids, and contrast Marinol with cannabis occurri...
ATrain Education Inc.

Diabetes Type 2: Nothing Sweet About It

When you finish this course, you will be able to: *Summarize the history of Diabetes Mellitus. *Summarize the prevalence, mortality, and morbidity of diabetes. *Compare and contrast the four classifications of diabetes mellitus. *Explain the body’s regulation of blood glucose during the normal metabolism of foods and the pathology that arises with diabetes mellitus. *Describe risk factors for diabetes mellitus. *Explain the diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus. *Identify risk f...
ATrain Education Inc.

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