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Podcast: Novel and Emerging Treatment Strategies for Advanced Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma

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Overview / Abstract:

Discover new and emerging treatment strategies for advanced classical Hogkin lymphoma, personalized care plans, and best practices for managing supportive care need. This activity is presented by leading experts Kami Maddocks, MD, Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine, Lymphoma Program Director, The James Cancer Hospital at The Ohio State University, and Kelly Brassil, PhD, RN, FAAN, Advanced Practice Nurse, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Start the activity now!


Hodgkin lymphoma is a rare malignancy involving the lymph nodes and lymphatic system, with 8,830 new cases diagnosed and accounting for 960 deaths each year in the United States (Siegel et al, 2021). In contrast with other cancers whose risk increases with age, the risk for HL increases in patients between 15 and 30 years of age, decreases during middle age, and is followed by another peak in adults older than 55 (NCCN, 2020). There are 2 main types of HL: classical HL, which accounts for 95% of cases in Western countries and is characterized by the presence of Reed-Sternberg cells, and nodular lymphocyte-predominant HL, which lacks these cells (NCCN, 2020). The last few decades have seen significant progress in the management of patients with HL, leading to improved outcomes. The 5-year relative survival rate is approximately 90% for early-stage disease (ACS, 2021). However, challenges remain, such as improving remission rates in patients with distant disease, who experience 5-year overall survival of approximately 81%, and improving quality of life of survivors, who may be at risk for secondary malignancies and late toxicities (ACS, 2021; Longley & Johnson, 2019).


Hematologist/oncologists, oncology advanced practitioners, and other health care professionals involved in the treatment of patients with Hodgkin lymphoma.


Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to

Discuss predictive and prognostic markers that can guide individualized management of advanced classical HL
Assess recent clinical trial data on novel treatment combinations and sequences for advanced classical HL
Devise strategies to monitor and manage the supportive care needs of both older and younger patients with advanced classical HL


Jun 29, 2022


Nurse Practitioner , Nursing CNE, Physician CME, Physician Assistant CME



Credits / Hours

0.75 CME | 0.75 MOC | 0.75 NCPD | 0.75 ILNA AMA PRA Category 1 Credit



Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Kami Maddocks, MD
Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine
Lymphoma Program Director
The James Cancer Hospital at The Ohio State University

Kelly Brassil, PhD, RN, FAAN
Advanced Practice Nurse University of Texas
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Sponsors / Supporters / Grant Providers

This activity is supported by educational funding provided by Seagen, Inc.

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