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American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

WEBINAR: Veterinary Pharmacotherapy Basics Bundle

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Overview / Abstract:

The Veterinary Pharmacotherapy Basics Bundle is accredited for 2.0 contact hours (0.2 CEUs) of continuing education credit for pharmacists and technicians.

Webinar 1: Not So Tiny Humans: Understanding Anatomy & Physiology of Dogs and Cats

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians dispensing and compounding medications for non-human patients will benefit from learning the pharmacokinetic and metabolic differences in dogs and cats. The presentation will address the anatomical and physiological differences in dogs and cats compared to humans. These differences impact drug bioavailability, metabolism, and elimination. This knowledge will enhance patient care pharmacists provide for non-human patients.

Webinar 2: The GRAS is Not Always Greener: Providing Toxin-free Drug Therapy to Animal Patients

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians often are the last line of defense in recognizing and preventing potential animal poisoning. Unfortunately, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians traditionally are trained only in human toxicology. To provide competent and confident pharmaceutical care to non-human species, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must possess a working knowledge of species-specific susceptibilities to toxins. Factors that affect the risk of toxicity vary greatly among species; they include (but are not limited to) differences in absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination; anatomical characteristics such as the inability to vomit; age and size of the animal; and seasonal and environmental influences. This presentation will review drugs, excipients and foods that may be toxic when given to dogs and cats.

BONUS Webinar added: Connecting to Veterinarians and Pet Parents

This talk will help you brand, market, and ultimately connect to what veterinarians and pet parents care about. You will learn how to approach niche marketing and get a high-level review of the most effective marketing channels available today. This knowledge will help you bring new clients to your pharmacy and ensure they have the proper education before and after working with you.


Feb 26, 2024


Pharmacy CPE, Veterinary CE


Online, Webinar / Webcast / Video


Pharmacist Member $99 | Student Pharmacist Member $15 | Technician Member $45 | Non-Member $25-$129

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Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Erica Wassack
PharmD, Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Animal Health Center Pharmacy - Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine

Gigi Davidson

Hunter Young
Chief Strategy Officer at Mabus Agency

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Veterinary "Small Animals", Veterinary "Large Animals", Toxicology, Pharmacology, Anatomy / Physiology

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