The American College of Apothecaries is an organization of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, marketers, pharmacy students, organizations, and corporations who work together to advance the profession of pharmacy.
ACA was founded in 1940 and has a long tradition of supporting independent retail pharmacists. As a smaller organization, we encourage and foster personal relationships among our Fellows and members. ACA also has a history of supporting pharmacy education and training. Our ACPE-accredited compounding classes and webinars are open to the entire industry, not just members. Training courses offered by ACA feature small class sizes, hands-on instruction in our state of the art lab, and unbiased presentations with multiple product lines and equipment. Courses have been updated for 2020 to include the latest developments and to meet new state standards.
Other educational services offered by ACA include customized and on-site courses located at the participant’s own pharmacy and ACPE accreditation for third-party providers of continuing education, including individuals, companies, and organizations.
For more information on membership in ACA and ACA educational events is available online at acainfo.org or on Facebook at facebook.com/ACA1940.

Basic Compounding and Calculations Home Study

The overall goal of this 12-hour knowledge based program is to provide the pharmacist and technician with a review of the calculations they will need to make in order to prepare the variety of medications their patients may need to attain the greatest therapeutic actions from their medications with the fewest undesirable side effects. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians all compound medicati...
American College of Apothecaries

Comprehensive Sterile Compounding

November 18 - 20, 2021 COMPREHENSIVE STERILE COMPOUNDING is an accredited 3-day, 20-hour (2.0 CEUs) practice-based course designed for pharmacists and technicians who are experienced in compounding. Completion of the Fundamental Compounding Course is recommended. Physicians and other health care professionals are welcome to attend. This course will also provide initial aseptic training for...
American College of Apothecaries

Fundamental Compounding with Pharmacy Law

October 28 - 30, 2021 FUNDAMENTAL COMPOUNDING is an accredited 3-day course that combines a 20-hour (2.0 CEUs) practice-based course with a 1 hour (0.1 CEU) knowledge-based course in Fundamental Compounding Law. This course is designed for pharmacists, technicians, and students who are new to compounding or who have had training in the past but want a refresher. Physicians and other health...
American College of Apothecaries

Quality Compounding Summit

The Quality Compounding Summit, presented by ARL Bio Pharma and the American College of Apothecaries, brings together nationally-known speakers and exhibitors for an intensive focus on quality issues for sterile and non-sterile compounding pharmacists, owners, pharmacy technicians, and leaders within the compounding industry. CE Session #1 – FDA MOU Update CE Session #2 – Pharmacist/Pro...
American College of Apothecaries & ARL Bio Pharma

Veterinary Compounding Essentials

November 5 - 6, 2021 VETERINARY COMPOUNDING ESSENTIALS is an accredited 15 hour (1.5 CEUs) practice-based course that introduces pharmacists, technicians, and marketers to veterinary pharmacy compounding. The program provides fundamental techniques for effectively growing the veterinary compounding practice, including calculations, proper safety practices, hands-on compounding, and marketing...
American College of Apothecaries

Veterinary Pharmacy Conference 2021 (On-Demand)

Originally Presented June 11-12, 2021 The ACVP Veterinary Pharmacy Virtual Conference is the only national conference designed exclusively for community veterinary pharmacy. Ideal for both new and established veterinary pharmacy practices, this conference is designed for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and presents the latest in clinical and practical topics, as well as ample opportunit...
American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

WEBINAR: A Guide for Pharmacies Negatively Impacted by COVID-19: Financial Relief Tools and New Business Opportunities

This presentation will assist pharmacies in finding much needed funding and financial relief during these emergent times and be able to remain open and appropriately staffed to care for patients. The presentation will detail not only financial tools and products that exist, but also other forms of relief from expenses and debt that are available to pharmacy providers. Finally, the program will a...
American College of Apothecaries

WEBINAR: A Horse is a Horse Of Course: What Pharmacists Need to Know About Providing Care and Compounds for Equine Patients

Veterinary pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will have an opportunity to explore the unique attributes of what makes a horse a horse and how veterinary pharmacists can best serve this special patient population. Horses are everywhere, even in your city!  Participate in this program and you will be ready to seize or create any opportunities related to equine veterinary pharmacy. 
American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

WEBINAR: An Overview of CBD in Pet Patients

After completing this activity, pharmacists and technicians will have a better understanding of using hemp derived CBD products in their animal patients. Pharmacists and technicians will be able to differentiate between the various formulations of products derived from hemp and understand what components help insure a quality CBD product.
American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

WEBINAR: ¡Viva la farmacia! Basic Medical Spanish for the Community Pharmacy

This webinar will help introduce pharmacists and technicians to basic words, phrases, and concepts to help provide more culturally and linguistically appropriate care for the Spanish-speaking patient population. This webinar is designed for participants with little to no Spanish language experience, but participants of all levels of Spanish language experience are welcome to participate. Lear...
American College of Apothecaries

WEBINAR: CBD and Drug Interactions - What Pharmacists Need To Know

Drug interactions have always been a complicated issue for health care providers. Since more than half of U.S. adults regularly take prescription medications and at least 75% of Americans take at least one over-the-counter product along with their prescription meds, the currently increasing use of CBD products makes the Pharmacists drug monitoring role even more difficult. With each passing d...
Pharmacists Planning Services, Inc

WEBINAR: CBD Trends Made Simple: What You Need to Know About the Growing Cannabidiol Market

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are flooding the market at an alarming rate. Many consumer stakeholders are excited about this new product line, while providers such as pharmacies, natural health food stores, and other retailers are casting a watchful eye; torn between developing market strategies to meet demand while also watching for state and federal regulatory oversight. This webinar will discuss...
Pharmacists Planning Services Inc

WEBINAR: CBD Update--Having the facts to answer your patient's questions

Recently, it has become almost impossible to pick-up the newspaper or watch the evening news without seeing a story or advertisement for a new CBD product, a new use for CBD, or a "medical professional" weighing-in, or against the ever increasing use and societal acceptance of CBD as a legitimate product to treat ailments. Just as we Pharmacists are being bombarded with these daily "revelations"...
American College of Apothecaries

WEBINAR: Connecting to Veterinarians and Pet Parents

This talk will help you brand, market, and ultimately connect to what veterinarians and pet parents care about. You will learn how to approach niche marketing and get a high-level review of the most effective marketing channels available today. This knowledge will help you bring new clients to your pharmacy and ensure they have the proper education before and after working with you. The American...
American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

WEBINAR: Consider Hormones First: From Birth Trauma to Anti-Aging - A Lifetime of Hormone Balance

Patient care is paramount in a medical system that divides the body for examination by a host of experts, sometimes the very basics are left behind. We have the information and the means to screen for hormone imbalances for our patients, for ourselves and friends and family. Clinical evidence for hormone disturbances can be right in front of us This presentation is intended to heighten the aware...
American College of Apothecaries

Webinar: Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome: A Discussion of Treatment Options

Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) is common in horses and foals and has several causative factors that can be influenced by human interventions. In this activity potential causes and treatment options will be discussed. Pharmacists and technicians will have a better understanding of both the inherent physiological differences and external factors that lead to gastric ulcers in the horse as we...
American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

WEBINAR: Ethical and Practical Compliance

Pharmacists are responsible for many tasks, including the compliance requirements for the pharmacy. Knowledge of the regulations and insurance requirements is critical for patient safety and to keep the pharmacy out of trouble! This program will review the consequences of past unethical behavior, provide an overview of main compliance requirements, and resources to maintain compliance standard...
Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives

Webinar: Expanding Pharmacy Proficiency in Transgender Care

Originally presented Monday, October 19, 2020 Throughout pharmacy, there have been gaps identified in the sensitivity training and literature available to pharmacy caregivers. The first half of this presentation will first provide cultural awareness and sensitivity training to improve interactions with this diverse patient population. The second half will provide education on transgender drug...
American College of Apothecaries

WEBINAR: GFI #256 - Implications of the Next Round of FDA Compounding Guidance

Compounding with bulk chemicals (APIs) for animal patients has been in a regulatory void since November 2017 when FDA abruptly withdrew its compounding guidance and did not replace it. In November 2019, FDA released a draft of proposed guidance for Industry addressing how FDA intends to apply enforcement discretion to pharmacists and veterinarians using APIs to compound for animal patients. In t...
American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

WEBINAR: HIV Specialty Pharmacy Outcomes: Past, Present & Future Outlook for 2020

An estimated 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV. As more patients require specialty pharmacist care, this places additional pressure on the pharmacist to meet the needs of the growing population, as well as demonstrating to payers, PBMS, manufacturers, and accreditation organizations through outcomes data and reporting that the therapies are worth the high costs and lead...
Pharmacists Public Health Initiatives

WEBINAR: Medical Marijuana: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This presentation will discuss the pharmacology of both CBD and THC. It will apply this knowledge to the currently accepted clinical applications and provide an overview of current clinical data and accepted practice guidelines related to the use of CBD and THC. This will provide pharmacists and technicians with an understanding of the role that medical marijuana is playing in their patients' t...
American College of Apothecaries

WEBINAR: Medical Spanish for Patient Education in the Community Pharmacy

This webinar will help pharmacists and technicians be able to utilize Spanish to improve their provision of patient education to Spanish-speaking patients in the community practice setting. During the webinar, participants will have opportunities to practice translating prescription directions from English to Spanish and learn key phrases for providing patient education in Spanish. This webinar ...
American College of Apothecaries

Webinar: Oh Sugar! Managing Diabetes Mellitus in Small Animal Patients

Diabetic pharmaceutical care extends beyond the human species. Pharmacists often provide care for both diabetic humans and animals living in the same household.  This presentation will compare and contrast diabetes mellitus management in dogs and cats and delineate differences from management of diabetes in humans. Specific insulins, monitoring techniques, devices, and management apps will be...
American College of Veterinary Pharmacists

WEBINAR: Putting Science in Practice: New Concept to Get Paid for Pharmacy Services

The current payment paradigm for reimbursement of pharmacy services may soon play less of a role in the community pharmacist’s business model if it does not disappear completely. Monolithic organizations with logistical expertise are poised to enter the realm of community pharmacy practice and disrupt this model as they have in other retail worlds. What will be presented is a new method of del...
American College of Apothecaries

WEBINAR: Recognizing Cardiometabolic Syndrome in Community Pharmacy

Cardiometabolic syndrome (CMS) is a combination of metabolic dysfunctions mainly characterized by insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and central adiposity. CMS is now recognized as a disease entity by the World Health Organization and the American Society of Endocrinology. Community pharmacists are in a perfect position to help guide patients through nutr...
American College of Apothecaries

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