Compounding for Hormone Replacement Therapy

COMPOUNDING FOR HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY is a 15 hour practice-based course designed for pharmacists, technicians, marketers, and students who want to learn more about a growing segment for compounding. Physicians and other healthcare professionals are welcome to attend. Using the basic components of compounding, HRT can be the cornerstone of a successful pharmacy with a diversified practice. Participants will gain a comprehensive knowledge of how and why a patient and practitioner should u...
American College of Apothecaries

Brief Eclectic Psychotherapy for PTSD: Making Meaning Out of Traumatic Experiences

Brief eclectic psychotherapy for PTSD (BEPP) is evidence based protocolized treatment for PTSD in which much attention is given to making meaning out of the traumatic experience after facing the memories via imaginary exposure ( Traumatic experiences not only cause persistent and heightened fear responses but also disrupt the survivor’s beliefs about trust in others and in the world. The 16-session BEPP-protocol consists of (1) psychoeducation, together with a partner...
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Animal-Assisted Therapy and the Healing Power of Pets

This is the first course in a three part series and includes the story of Deirdre Rand’s journey with her animal companions and the lessons learned from the challenges and rewards of those relationships. Also discussed are temperament, socialization and training; the role of the neurohormone oxytocin in strengthening the human-companion animal bond; the founding of the three major organizations which register volunteer handler/therapy teams, along with the contributions of key historic figur...
Professional Development Resources

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