AOVET North America - Equine Masters Seminar - Management of Orthopaedic Disorders in the Foal

This intensive two-day course builds upon the foundation of fracture repair taught in the AOVET Equine Principles and Advanced Courses. The focus of this Equine Masters Seminar is on techniques for reconstruction of complicated fractures in the foal. The lectures will include management of complicated physeal and long bone fractures in the foal as well as distal metacarpal, olecranon, tibial and femoral fractures. Time for discussion and radiographic review of complicated cases will be p...
AO North America

AOVET North America - Masters in Advanced Osteotomy - Small Animal

The Masters Course on Advanced Osteotomy – Small Animal focuses on various osteotomy techniques based on the CORA principles that are performed in small animal surgical practice. Topics to be discussed include corrective osteotomy of angular limb deformity of the radius and ulna and femoral and tibial osteotomy for patellar luxation correction. This is a very interactive course that focuses on planning and execution of the correction of deformities that can be applied to any bone. The lates...
AO North America

AOVET North America - Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management Course

The Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management course is designed to provide participants with a basic, fundamental knowledge of bone healing and how it can be favorably influenced through internal fixation of fractures. The scientific principles of fracture repair and their practical application to the clinical situation are presented in lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions. Techniques that are critical to a successful surgical outcome, such as soft tissue handling and bone grafting,...
AO North America

Dosage Calculation Review (CE)

Program Summary: Test yourself, brush up, or just do this review course for fun! Dosage Calculation Review is designed to help nursing professionals enhance their dosage calculation skills. This two-credit course covers the calculation of oral, intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intravenous medications for both pediatric and adult populations. Mathematical skills will be reviewed and interactive practice problems will be included after each module to reinforce the math skills needed to correctl...

Animals and Society

Examines the role of non-human animals in human society. Investigates the social construction of the human/animal boundary. Challenges ideas that animals are neither thinking nor feeling. Examines the many ways humans rely on animals. Considers the link between animal cruelty and other violence. Explores the moral status of animals. Prereq., SOCY 1001.
University of Colorado Boulder

*FREE* Case Study: Cardiology - Coughing Dog

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